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More Uses For Essential Oils
Practical Uses For Essential Oils

Water Filters

Essential oils can added to the post-filter side of water purifiers to help purify the water. Use peppermint, lemon, clove, or cinnamon.


Essential oils can be used to create many effective non-toxic (and wonderfully fragrant) cleansers and disinfectants.

The oils that are excellent for cleaning include:


Here's a recipe for a good, basic household disinfectant:

Fill a spray bottle with water and a squirt of dishwashing soap.
Add 3-5 drops each of lavender, lemon and pine essential oils.
Shake well.

Floor cleaner:

Add 1/4 cup white vinegar to a bucket of water.
Add 5-10 drops lemon, pine, spruce, melaleuca or Purification.

To freshen a vacuum cleaner:

Sprinkle several drops of lemon or Purification onto half a tissue. Let the vacuum cleaner suck it up or place it into the collecting bag. If your vacuum cleaner has a water reservoir, add a few drops of oil into it before cleaning.

Fighting dust mites

Recent research has shown that eucalyptus oil kills dust mites that live in bedding. 25 drops of eucalyptus essential oil added to each load of laundry or 1/2 ounce to a jug of laundry detergent is all you need.

Hot tubs and saunas:

Use 3 drops per person of lavender, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, thyme, lemon, or grapefruit to disinfect and fragrance the water.

For saunas, add several drops rosemary, thyme, pine, or lavender to a spray bottle with water and spray surfaces. This water can also be used to splash onto hot sauna stones.

Kitchens and bathrooms:

The following recipes are excellent cleansers for work areas, cupboards, bathroom fixtures, sinks, tiles, woodwork, carpets and more. They clean bacteria and odors; freshen, deodorize and disinfect the air.

Mix into 1 quart water:
2 drops rosemary
4 drops lemon
3 drops eucalyptus
4 drops lavender

Shake well and put into a spray bottle. Shake again before using.

Another recipe for cleaning:

Mix into 1 quart water:
3 - 4 drops lavender
5 - 6 drops Purification

Shake well and put into a spray bottle. Shake again before using.

Another all-purpose cleaner

2 Tablespoons Borax
1 Teaspoon Castile Soap
15-20 drops Essential Oils such as Pine, Lemon, Melaleuca, Citronella, or Lemongrass (or any combination of the above)

Add Borax to a 1 quart spray bottle.
Fill with warm water.
Add Castile soap and Essential Oils.
Shake and use.
Can also be made with Purification

Window cleaner

Mix in 1 quart spray bottle:
1 cup White Vinegar
10-15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix vinegar and water in spray bottle.
Add essential oil.
Shake and use.


Stain Remover

Use a drop or two of Lemon oil on a stain. Let it sit a few minutes and rub off with a clean cloth or throw into laundry cycle.

In the Dryer

Instead of using toxic and irritating softening sheets in the dryer, toss in a dampened washcloth with 10 drops of lavender, lemon, melaleuca, bergamot, or other oils added. While the oils will not reduce static cling, they will impart a lovely fragrance to the clothes.


Adding essential oil to paint will counteract the unpleasant smell. And because essential oils are not fatty oils, they will leave no oil spots on the walls. Add a 5 ml. bottle of your favorite essential oil, such as White Angelica, Abundance, or Sacred Mountain, to 1 gallon of paint. Mix well.

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